What is Stratos Inferni?

SIN is a highly active Gaming Community supporting Military, First Responders, and all personnel wishing to make an impact in the gaming and streaming world. We strive to connect and uplift every member inside and out of our community to the full potential of Content Creation and every day life.

With constant support, our discord and Twitch Streaming are heavily promoted through active social media platforms and discord channels. You can find activity throughout all hours of the day and night connecting people all over the world. What once was a small community of like-minded people is now a booming community full of diversity, gaming variation, people of all ages and backgrounds, and a large, tight-knit group of once strangers now family.

Our goal as Stratos Inferni is to bring the community together, expand interests, and share the love of gaming, content creation, and growth. We strive daily to include every person searching for community interaction to full-blown content creation support and everything in between.

•We are Stratos Inferni, and we have your Six•